Here are what a few of our patients are saying about North Bay Nectar Products…
image1John’s story-“John had open heart surgery and went into a coma because he was allergic to hepron. He was on life support for 3 weeks and woke up requiring a heart transplant. He also woke up with neuropathy in his feet and his knees. While waiting on a new heart, he has been exercising as much as possible and with the help of North Bay Nectar, he’s been able to overcome the pain in his knees and walk stairs!  Thanks North Bay Nectar for helping John back to health! “
Kursten’s Story-I suffer from a rare form of fibromyalgia. Thank you for making these products! Your Body Budder has been the ONLY thing that I have found that works and gives me relief.
Barbara- “I wanted to send these photos to help show the extent of my daughters injuries and her pain. We are thrilled that this morning she took a few steps with her walker all because of your Body Budder and its amazing pain relieving properties! Thank you for your help, we are super excited about this, She is not asking for her pain medicine!!! (X-ray not shown to maintain patient privacy)
Angela- “I have never found ANYTHING that provides relief for my diabetic neuropathy. That is until I tried North Bay Nectar products. I do not want to live one more day of my life without these  Body Budders. THANK YOU!!!!
Tyler- I suffer from Trigeminal Neuralgia, a debilitating nerve pain in my mouth. In the past month I have been to the ER 3 times and been prescribed countless medications that do not provide any relief. My friend gave me your Salve, and it is a miracle in a jar! Your products are a amazing. Thank you for making a natural product that provides potent relief!
Jennifer-“HempCon was a great event, but THE BEST thing I got all weekend was my Lavender Bath Bomb from North Bay Nectar! Now I get to take time to relax, unwind and do something just for me! My skin felt incredible after using it. a HUGE THUMBS UP on the Bath Bombs!” 
Kelly- “Your Product is amazing! For me to be able to move my hands with the Fibromyalgia and Arthritis, normally? Wow! I use it all the time and sing it’s  praises to every one.”
Kelli”North Bay Nectar Body Balm has been a life saver for my legs, ankles, and feet. The first time I tried the body balm was after a 12 hour day, waking up the next morning with little to no pain in my lower extremities. I have also to use the balm on the high ankle sprain I had been babying for a month with a decrease in pain within a matter of days. Due to the effectiveness of their product, the fact that it is organic, and doesn’t cause my eczema to flare up, North Bay Nectar has a long term customer in me. Thank you so much for creating such a pure and healthy product. I wish you the best in 2017, keep up the great work.”
Nina-” I am in love with your bath bombs, after looking at the ingredients in other bath bombs I ONLY use yours! I am in love with North Bay Nectar!
Cannabis Insurance Associates-“Thank you for the incredible medicated rub! It  is amazing for post workout recovery.”