About Us


Thank you for visiting North Bay Nectar. Our company was born with the goal of healing and restoring your body from the outside in.  We provide natural wellness options to the cannabis community. It all starts with our Organic Sun Grown Cannabis. Cannabis has been at the root of our daily lives and well being for over 15 years. 

The North Bay Area has been our home our entire lives, and growing organic sustainable cannabis is a passion and necessity for us.  The restorative properties and health benefits that cannabis has brought into our daily lives drives our passion to provide the cannabis community with natural relief through organically sourced local cannabis products, with a focus on our sun grown cannabis. 

Through personal life experience both in our own lives and those of our family members and friends, we have long seen the negative side of the pharmaceutical industry. With negative side effects of many medications outweighing any benefits, many people are seeking natural pain relief options. For an excess of 15 years we have  seen the unparalleled benefits of incorporating cannabis into a daily wellness routine. We have long been advocates for organic natural wellness options and cannabis culture and acceptance. 

In 2016, we realized the vast gap in the topical industry. This is when we founded North Bay Nectar as a medical collective under Prop. 215. There is a widespread need for accessible, non-psychoactive products that provide natural pain relief without negative side affects. We had long been providing our family and friends with such products. North Bay Nectar was founded with the simple goal of bridging the gap for patients.  By offering high quality organic and lab tested formulas at a low cost, we continue to educate and provide patients access to our full line of body care products. 

As a local team, our highest priorities remain in the integrity of the formulas and, of course, the cannabis! 

We at North Bay Nectar believe in providing only the finest cannabis infused body care products. The quality of our ingredients and small batch processing are unparalleled in this industry. Many of our ingredients are sourced locally here in the North Bay Area, which we have called home our entire lives. Many of the herbs used to infuse our products are grown fresh in our organic garden. All of our products are pesticide free. This is the North Bay Nectar difference!

Enjoy the difference, and feel the love that goes into each product which we personally make by hand.  

Lauren & Keith Markle

Owners & Founders