About Us


Thank you for visiting North Bay Nectar. Our company was born with the goal of healing and restoring your body from the outside in.  Unlock the amazing benefits of using cannabis in your self-care routines. Deliver cannabinoids directly to the areas of your body that will benefit you the most, without the psychoactive effect. Pamper yourself with amazing products made with only the finest quality ingredients, chosen for their healing properties and health benefits. Our cannabis infused ingredients include: organic local honey, organic virgin coconut oil, and pure vegetable glycerin. We have perfected our infusion process through years of personal experience.

We believe in providing only the finest cannabis infused body care products. The quality of our ingredients and small batch processing are unparalleled in this industry. Many of our ingredients are sourced locally here in the North Bay Area, which we have called home our entire lives. Many of the herbs used to infuse our products are grown fresh in our organic garden. All of our products are pesticide free. Enjoy the difference, and feel the love that goes into each product which we personally make by hand.